Why Using Smartphone Mounts and Stands in a vehicle?

1447661671_Venus-318-img-03 A smartphone mount or stand is a kind of tool that secures a mobile phone in a place. those mounts are fixed up within a place so that the user will be handsfree and can do something else. mounts and stands can be used not only in car it can be used in motorcycle or a bike.below there are a number of the reasons why people beings ought to do not forget to have a smartphone Stand of their car.

  1. Prevent Distractions on the street

Stands or mounts help keep away from distractions that cause these accidents by putting the cell phone in a particular that a person can effortlessly see. so that it helps in avoiding fumbling inner one’s pocket or handbag every time the cell phone rings must keep in mind getting a Stand.

  1. Listen to Conversations better1447661670_Venus-318-img-02

Agree or not, smartphone mounts also help to pay attention to the conversation more clearly during a phone call. instead of the cell smartphone balancing precariously between the neck wherein, it could fall any second, a smartphone can be effortlessly tapped or given a voice command to position the caller on speaker.so that the driver not only capable of pay attention of the call and also n his or her arms at the steerage wheel. some smartphone mounts even provide sound amplification. that is helpful especially for everybody who frequently has to take calls while on the road.

  1. Listen to music easily

it is easy now to listen to music if you are using the Stand and it is easy to access in car. it helps to easily adjust the radio station, grating changing song, or playlist with ease. whether the phone is connected through Bluetooth or an FM transmitter, a smartphone Stand maintains the level of contact with the driver and the phone. rather grabbing the phone in the palm, people can easily tap the display screen or hit some buttons using their hands, as they do with the buttons on the car’s built-in radio and sound device. This maintains the driver greater focused on the road rather than the smartphone.

Play films for Passengers watching movies on a mobile phone is a remarkable way to spend the time while in traffic or on long rides. due to the fact, maximum mobile mounts had been built with touchscreen smartphones those Stands can be swiveled to landscape mode for a watching a movie. Stands can be placed on the dashboard so that people within the front and rear seats can see the display. watching cartoons on one’s set up phone will help to entertain the children during the travel.

  1. Use the phone as a GPS

GPS provides an easy manner to get to and from diverse destinations through showing maps and routing factor-to-point instructions. people who own mobile phones which could double as a mapping service and a GPS receiver will find that a mobile phone holder allows them to take complete advantage because the smartphone can be mounted to the dashboard in a similar role to a built-in GPS device. just like whilst looking films, many holders can be swiveled from portrait to landscape for you to see a larger view of the map.


mobile stands are classified in two categories: with  any universal and specific. frequent phone stands can be adjusted to with any device. It can be even be adjusted to cater to different devices, which includes iPods, MP3 gamers, and GPS devices, and not just cell phones. particular mobile telephone holders, however, cater to a single phone (e.g., the iPhone) or a set of cellular phones with similar dimensions.



IPLAY is a world leader in anti-theft, ergonomic, articulating, interactive, counterbalance, adjustable & full motion mounts & stands for home, office & commercial use.

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