Ergonomic in your lifestyle!

Ergonomics in home:

                Spare little stress in your home with the home based ergonomic products. Whether you are cooking, watching TV, relaxing in your sofa or travelling in your car ergonomics will h1447484761_9923-img-02elp to progress your health and welfare.

The most prominent product is the ergonomic television wall mount. You can fix the stand on the wall and enjoy watching your favorite programs without any obscurity. If you have ergonomic sofas it will be an additional credit.


Bonus product is the i-Pad and tablet mount stand which you can use in your kitchen, living room and even while you are riding in a car. It will lessen your posture problem and will make you feel the comfort.

 1447661670_Venus-318-img-02Be in workplace or home, implementing ergonomics in your daily life will eventually build a healthy life style. Start using these ergonomic products and appreciate the well being in every aspect of your life. Stay away from your stress, bad posture and physical discomfort with this ergonomic technology. After all, technology is to improve the lives of people.

Be ergonomic and move forward without any snag!!



IPLAY is a world leader in anti-theft, ergonomic, articulating, interactive, counterbalance, adjustable & full motion mounts & stands for home, office & commercial use.

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